Have you every been educated by a shower curtain???


Have you ever been educated by a shower curtain? I can definitely say yes to this one!! It’s hard for me to focus sometimes, and I tend to learn in “unorthodox” ways (shocker!!). Well a few years ago I was working in a position where I was booking all this crazy travel for my boss, and I have to be honest, some of the places I made arrangements to I have NO CLUE where they were in the world. So feeling a bit “uneducated” I set out to find a way to learn the world, ….yup I ended up buying a clear shower curtain with the world in all bright colors on it!! This was the BEST $15 buck I ever spent!!! I learned so much. I know that Italy looks like a boot that could kick my belly button like a soccer ball, and that Brazil….. well lets just say I know what a Brazilian wax is and never forget it! I was making travel arrangements to go to Iceland in 2012 last week, and pulled the fact that Iceland is near my ear from my memory, fantastic skill!!! Funny, I could never get you to plan a weekend with me yet I am now planning a year out, I should have read the writing on the wall. Ahh, writing on the wall, this is something we must always stop and read, DO NOT hang a pretty little picture over it like I did. That is a whole different life lesson we can talk about later.

So I think I am all packed, I am Massachusetts today (near my armpit) and will be in Florida (love handle) tomorrow. That is a small move on this huge curtain, but a move in any sence. People always say “home is where the heart is”, well I know my friends and family are here, but where the  is my heart??  I think I packed it like everything else. Have you ever bought a fish from a pet store? Well my heart is now in a over-inflated bag sloshing around in 6 inches of water. How cute, it looks like a Picasso!! I love Picasso’s, they have great teeth and are very interesting to watch, however they are very aggressive. Hummm sounds about right!! If you have ever dabbled in the salt water aquarium hobby, you would know how delicate moving, and caring for these fish are. This is a rather new-found passion for me, I am intrigued by salt water fish tanks, and very excited to get scuba diving.

We had a tank filled with its own little word, Oscar, Phil, Ernie, Sarrah, Angel, Frank and Gobbie. I loved that tank, at night I wouldn’t even turn the T.V. on, I would just sit with my feet up, and watch this underwater world. Phil would boss everyone around, Oscar was always a grouch, Ernie would be very busy eating and swimming upside down, and Sarrah would be doing swan dives into the gravel.  Gobbie was my favorite, he was always dwelling under a rock watching the world swim by. If you ever saw him out from under his rock he was STUNNING, but he never ventured far from the safety of his rock.  He had colors that were amazing, his eyes were huge and he was just a cute as a button.

Do yourself a favor, if someone ever hands you an overinflated bag with their heart in it, handle it with care!!!! There will only be a limited supply of oxygen in this bag until you acclimate this  “fish” to your tank. Do not squeeze or shake the bag, this is a very stressful change for the “fish”, his whole world is changing, and will eventually be swimming in your tank. One of the most important things to remember is NEVER undo that little knot and drop a Picasso in with a Gobbie!!!! I did this once, and will NEVER do it again. I guess this is  a life lesson that only takes one time to learn as well. I ended up holding a bag filled with fins, gills, colors and basically a blood bath. I had to flush the entire bag from my own stupid mistake, I watched this little world swirl and spin as it just disappeared down the drain.  Its gone and gone forever, I hope someday that poor little Gobbie musters up the strength to accept my most sincere apologies, I really didn’t mean to turn his world into a blood bath.

Strarting tomorrow, I have 360 days to float my baggie on the sea and get acclimated to my new life. I wonder if I will ever find a tank again…………………………………………………………


About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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  1. You could always get a house boat and be forever happy on the big blue ocean! Have fun in sunny Florida and behave yourself! See you in a couple of weeks.

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