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Have you ever seen Dunkin Donuts everywhere but not one open!!!!!


Have you ever seen Dunkin Donuts everywhere, but not one open??? Good lord that was me this morning!!! I thought most were 24 hours, boy was I wrong. I woke up at 4 am and headed down to CT to get in on 2 days worth of day work before I hit Florida. I had to wait till I hit the rest stop on the Mass Pike before I got a cup of coffee, could explain why when I got to the dock I then noticed my shorts still had the tag on them!!!!! Really?!?!?!? Ugh, some times I really irritate myself, I can get up at the ass crack of dawn, navigate 3 hours in traffic and forget to remove a tag!!! ” CLASSY GIRLFRIEND!!!”, as I remember being called time and time again when I did things like this, don’t miss that!

So I set off on this adventure to meet new people, travel the world, try new things and I guess the money is a plus. I was blessed that this capt was determined to get me aboard to meet him and his crew, they are all truly lovely. I had a fantastic first day of washing all 4 levels of this vessel, its kayaks, paddle boards, waver runners and tender. It’s so crazy to see all the different toys they stock for only being on board a total of 5 weeks a year. (and not more than 5 consecutive days!!!) These owners just keep this vessel as their own private floating restaurant, they encourage the crew to use everything so they stay happy. I hear that they may actually take a voyage over to Long Island on Saturday because the owners have a house there with a birth for the ship….. who knew right!!!

We I just finished another 5 coarse meal, and I am soooooo full!!! This after noon lunch was, black bean soup, garden salad, Cesar salad, sweet and sour pasta with sausage, sandwiches, a tomato/cucumber/caper/olive salad, fresh fruit salads, pork knuckles and fresh-baked buns. Tonight dinner was, racks of ribs, kale with ham and nuts, creamed sweet potatoes, salads, corn on the cob, tomato salad and olives. I can not even think about dessert but rather interested to find out. Both lunch and dinner had not one dish I am use to seeing at home. If the salads were salads they had a twist and the ribs had the best rub I have ever tasted. There, just what I wanted to do , try new things and meet new people!!! Thank god I have my own cabin and head tonight I have a funny feeling kale is in the same family as fiddleheads…….yikes!!!!!!

So, tomorrow I will wake to fresh-baked breads and muffins, work till lunch eat more, work till 4 eat dinner and be on my way back to bean town for my last night there. It’s funny how quickly things move. I had no idea I would even be here today till 5 pm last night! I can not wait to see what tasks I will have, what food will be plated and what people I will meet tomorrow, we will see I guess………………………………………………


Have you ever worked your hardest at letting yourself go???


Have you ever worked your hardest at letting yourself go??? So the hurricane is gone and now is the calm after the storm. I called the windshield company at 8am this morning to get my new windshield installed, I decided I am selling my car too. I feel like I am a hurricane, picking up speed the longer I am here in New England, finding more things to get rid of in my life. When I first thought about letting everything go it seemed pretty easy, everything seems easy in the thought process, right???!! Then I started the going through things what stays what goes and I started getting emotional………… that didn’t last long now I am on a cleaning spree!!!! Everything goes nothing stays.

Over the weekend I was able to travel out to Brimfield to a welcome home party for a horse that was at work for 45 days after the tornado. His family had lost EVERYTHING. It’s easy to say those words, lost everything, but until I was standing on a hill that was once a plush forest and now a stump ridden field I didn’t realize what EVERYTHING truly was. This family had no idea that in 45 seconds everything material they owned would be gone, I can’t even start to fathom that. I have been plotting my departure since……hummmm….well I guess since Jan of this year. I may have not know what my avenue of departure was but I knew I wanted to let go of material things and find me, the real me. I guess whether its a tornado, hurricane, a bad relationship, or just plain curiosity to see the world, it’s all kind of the same.

I am officially packed to leave, I have one bag and a back pack. My mom is so cute she just keeps saying “This is all you are brining for one year???”, well that’s all I really can bring. Trust me, I am that person who brings 15 pairs of shoes for a week-long trip, one style for every outfit, this time I am bringing one pair of heels, sneakers and flip-flops. Perhaps walking a mile in someones shoes is a good idea but what happens if I am better off barefoot? I guess we will find out. So since this hurricane came whirling through I have to wait till Thursday 7am to fly out , and in the mean time I am finding more and more junk to depart with. I am not just talking material junk either. Storms cleans the soul, and year-long voyages clean the emotional garden too as well. I have cleaned house on the people I will stay in touch with, and those I will let the time wither them away like unwatered plants. I don’t feel the need to rip them from my garden, I just know that once I depart, I will no longer have the effort to keep them nurtured and learn I was all along the one who kept these relationships alive at my cost.

Well, with this beautiful sun kissing my face and making my cheeks rosy for the day, I venture off to see what else I do not need to carry with me in the excitement of leaving. Every morning when I wake,  I have no idea what this world has planned for me, and me being a planner to every min of the day, it feels pretty freeing……………………………………………..


Have you ever got a bug in your ear and used a shop vac to suck it out???


Have you ever got a bug in your ear and used a shop vac to suck it out??? DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! I spent most of my day yesterday in the doctor’s office to have my ear looked at. So, Wednesday night was the final move, everything is now in their resting spots until I return. The job of packing and moving material stuff is done, it was 11:30pm and the final push to unload items into dads garage was the very last stop. When I say I was beat, I me I was beat!!! Hot, cranky, tired, and hungry because we had not even eaten dinner yet.  I stopped to talk to dad when it happened, A bug out of NO WHERE flew 100000000 miles an hour into my ear! I am talking this bug never tapped the breaks, he was shifting gears and didn’t even lose speed trying to get through my hair!!! Immediately, I started screaming, the sound of him trying to flap his wings was inside my head, and not in my hair.

A “normal” person probably would have said, “Geee dad, a bug just flew into my ear.”, but as we all know …..I am not that person. I guess if I had a fight or flight instinct against bugs I would flight! I took off running into the house!! Ok its now almost midnight and I go running around my parents house screaming “OMG, GET IT THE  FU%$#^ OUT!!!!”. Dont ask me where I was running too, I was just running period. Maybe perhaps I thought I could out run the bug, who knows. Next thing I know my mother comes running down the stairs,  trying  to save me from “said” bug,  takes a look in my ear and sees nothing.  My dad comes flying in,  looks and also sees nothing, at this point every time I scream this bug kept buzzing. It is the WORST feeling I have yet to experience. Finally, after direction from my mom, dad gets a flash light, tweezers and his glasses and really get a good look into my ear. BINGO!!

This freaking bug was so far down my ear canal all they could see was a tiny corner of his wing.  All of a sudden I belted out “Get the fu$#%#ing vaccum and suck him out!!!!”, bad idea. Dad goes out to his garage and gets the shop vac!!! Thank god at this time my “hero” was still patiently listening to me scream and  run around the house like a banshee. He knew that I hated bugs, but didn’t realize what really was going on till Dickie frantically grabbed the shop vac and said “It’s still in there!!!”.  Before I knew it mom was saying “lay on the floor, secure the ear” , dad had the shop vac stuck to the side of my head, and I hear “DONT your going to blow her ear drum!!”.  Thank god for him. … mom then remembered that he had a steady hand, (from when we painted Easter eggs) and turn the tweezers over to him. He was great, he was calm and said “Kate just relax”, (I had his shirt in a death grip), dad had the task of holding my ear open and mom was the flash light holder. After what seemed like hours, he fished the bug from out of my ear like a surgeon. Slowly working it out from just the tiny corner of the wing that he could see, all in one piece.  In fact, the  bug was still alive,  and dad being dad, opened the door and let him go.

I guess from this whole ordeal I learned A LOT of things, and I know I will always carry these lessons with me forever.  1. If a bug ever flies into your inner ear, you go right to the emergency room. The doctors want to see the bug and MUST make sure no wings, legs or antenna are stuck inside. 2. NEVER EVER stick a shop vac to your ear, PERIOD!!! 3. (The most important) Make sure you really know what defines a hero, a hero.  I always thought it would be a guy in spandex with a cape, (In fact, I am pretty sure I saw him in spandex a few times), but just because he wears spandex well does NOT make him a hero, I was wrong. My hero that night was able to stop me from running around wildly, and without using a blow dart,  just his voice. He was not yelling at me for being out of control, he was not looking for his “spot light” or a “prize” for being him, he was just being him, and it was refreshing.

With the hurricane blowing in and a bad ear, I am staying here for the weekend, and will shove off on Monday. My roomie in Florida told me, “Bossie, (short for Boston) storms clean the soul”, I guess I will start my adventure Monday with truly clean soul……………………………..

Have you ever slept in a micro mini bed with a parachute on???


Have you ever slept in a micro mini bed with a parachute on???  Ever since I was a child I wanted bunk beds. I wanted the top bunk and turn that sucker into a tree house!! That would be awesome, I could hang over the edge and just bug the crap out of my sister. I could pretend she was a Kebbler Elf, trying to get into my tree to snatch my cookies, how awesome!!! Well, I have a feeling my mother was wise to my idea and we never got bunk beds……until now! I was just talking with a captain and I was told I would have top bunk, yippie right?!? Top bunks are cool on vessels because the port holes are at your level but the down fall is…the down fall! These top bunks are super high!!! I have had a hard time going from a king to a twin, and these bunks are smaller than a twin! I can see it now, I am going to be falling out every night and just end up sleeping on the floor. This is going to be very interesting to experience, I guess now I will be on the floor with the pillows I throw in my sleep, lovely.

So I am training a temp here at work since Friday is my last day. (YAY!!!! 16 hours of working here left) I sent temp off to do a task this morning because I was busy dealing with a situation of my own. It seems that an ex from many years ago used me as a reference on a credit application and never told me. This morning I got a call because the account has gone delinquent, (Surprise surprise, right, your kidding me!!!!)  they wanted me to give them,  a. money b. his new address and c. his phone number.  Nope,  not happening!!!! I love these added bonuses in my life, things I would never in a million years expect to happen in a day!!!  As I am getting back down to business, temp come storming into my office to tell me “AN EMERGENCY JUST CAME IN AND ITS BAD!!!”.  Now in my mind my wheels start to turn, emergency…… legs missing, gushing blood, perhaps missing its head?!?! I have seen pretty much anything that could possibly happen, along with things I swore that were not even possible of happening. (If you catch my drift 😉 ) Temp proceeded to explain to me the emergency… “He is screaming in pain and breathing so heavy, I think he may be having a hard time breathing actually it’s that loud!!!! His genitals are so swollen and I think  his penis is swollen too, it’s almost touching the floor!!! I see they put a bandage on it though, I wonder what happened to him, do you know????!?!?!???!!!”

Long story short, it was a stallion that came in for a lameness exam and happened to need his sheath cleaned, that was not a bandage.  He was all worked up because there was a cute little filly in the holding stall next to him, explains the heavy breathing.  And yes, that’s just how large horse testicles are………..Funny, I think that the clients are going to have a good time with temp…………………………………

Have you ever tapped danced a solo in the dark???


Have you ever tapped danced a solo in the dark???  I swear, I think I just did!!! When the lights came on, there were just eyes popping out of heads, like Large Marge in PeeWees Big Adventure.  I tipped my hat with my cane, and left the office, quite an exit interview, eah.  I replayed my moms wise words in my head(basically, play nice ), I had it all planned out, what to say and what to leave out. I did not know they have a list of questions they ask you, so the first question was asked, …. and I gave them a question back in return. Do you want to hear what you want to hear, or do you want to hear the truth?? Yeah, that’s what I said,  I think in a rather business tone and a half-smile. She asked me for the truth, so on went my tap shoes!!!!  (flippidey, flap, flippidey, flap, step shuffle ball chains, and I think I even threw in a few flying buffalos!!!!!!) I must have done 50 laps around her desk, on her desk, perhaps even on the ceiling, and she folded her paper and said “Well, I have no more questions, I will miss working with you, and hope you consider us again”  That was the eye bulging part, she set out with 2 pages of questions for me, and I gave her all the information she needed with the answer to one question.  Damn it!!!!!! The  over archiver beaver, perfectionist and competitor  in me, just took over and I became a cut throat, business women landing a deal, like I was landing a jumbo jet. I guess we shouldnt burn bridges if we don’t have to, just exterminate the trolls that dwell beneath them.

I tapped danced back to my office, grabbed my bag and went to lunch. I had a list of things I needed to purchase before I left. I was always that person who would comb through a store, like looking for a needle in a hay stack, for that crazy deal! However, today was different!!! I did not stray from my list, EVEN when things were incredibly marked down, I just kept thinking, “great more junk to re-home”.  I was able to go and get out with exactly what I needed in 5 mins.(ok, one extra item,  Heath Bar, I lied). The way that I am living my life right, now is a complete 180 from where I was last year. Have you ever seen a tattoo that has faded from the sun, so has the tattoo on my heart that I swore would never fade. Funny, I thought I applied enough sun screen, however I guess my heart was still out on my sleeve. I have such big decisions to make every morning I wake. I have been opening my eyes,  putting each foot on the floor, and wondering what excitement today will bring.  Today I have spoken with many people, captains, mates, decks, agents and stews, and I need to figure out what path I would like to go down.

I have a “bucket list” that goes on for miles, and I am truly going to try to do all things on there within the one year I gave myself.  I don’t want to get on a slow boat down the coast, however I would like to get on a vessel and work my way down to Florida. I want to be in Florida for the boat show, I want to hit the Med, I want to do the islands, I want to do M/Y and S/Y and I think I want to work the next 2 weeks in RI for the sailing races and do deliveries after.  I have Jury duty and wonder if I have to stay for that, I would love to take Labor Day off and go on a little get away. So many different choice and directions, I wonder what this afternoon will bring…………………..??

Have you ever held a conversation like it was a baby???


Have you ever held a conversation,  like it was a baby???  You have to rock it,  swaddle it and in the end,  it was screaming anyway….why do we do this? Wouldn’t  we be better off just talking like adults,  and letting the “children” scream themselves to sleep? I think so, and I have NO PATIENCE for screaming babies, PERIOD! The older I get the more I think I missed my window for “children”.  I can not  understand why in life some people think they can throw their “ego weight”  around to get what they want. Listen I am giving away junk I don’t need to start collecting more  junk,  so find a new person who gives a damn!!!

I guess I have become a bit  self-absorbed in my life/daily tasks, I have put on bullshit blinders. Its great!!! Its like these blinders have a mind of their own,  and can spot bull a mile away and they self deploy!!! Fantastic!!! I think they may also come with an ear plug option, defiantly worth the extra effort. I have never been able to walk away from an argument or a disagreement without having the last say. Well, now with these great blinders, I look to see who is throwing “nonsense words” at me like snow balls…….. If its someone I have been waiting to peg, I throw one quick slice of my tongue,  and they are gone. If it’s just a “screaming child” looking for some unearned attention, I just keep moving, not even worth another look.

I wish I had these a looooooong time ago, however, I guess I would not be where I am today if I had them when I was  younger. Life is a huge timing game, people come and go through our lives for many reasons. We may not understand at the moment why we fell in love with that ass, or why we became friends with that head case, just know that in the big picture there was a purpose and a meaning for all of them. Perhaps its the “seasoning” of life, maybe they were the hot pepper flakes, the shaky cheese, or the dill. We  may love spring and fall, and hate winter,  but wouldn’t throw a summer out of bed, if you think of them as true seasons.

I traveled to Newport and back in one day and I am beat!! I spent ten mins with my agent and by the time I got outside, she called and said she had already sold me. Hummmmm, human trafficking???  I was given details, numbers and email addresses along with a list of instructions. I stood over looking a buzzing yacht yard as they are preparing for the mega yacht sail boat races. I have to say,  I stopped and stared like a deer in headlights at one vessel, it was breath-taking. (They all were but this one was SPECIAL)  The crew looked like ants climbing all over her teak decks, she was polished to the point you could see every detail in the reflection, it was amazing. I have truly found my calling. I swear at that moment, the wind turned into sweet nothings in my ear. absolutely a work of art!!

I am now sitting on the fence, I need to decide if I want to stay up here and work the races for 2 weeks, or run the gauntlet with the new captain. So many decisions now on my plate that were not there this morning. I wish my 2 weeks notice was over at work now so I could  get cracking with this new adventure, that is acting like a caged beast in my soul.  I never really understood the phrase “Do what you love, love what you do” until today. If I could share one pearl I have learned so far it would be, do what you desire (not some on looker)  and never lose the passion for it. I think this should be applied in all aspect in our lives, but it seems it is the most neglected. Once the passion is gone, it becomes nothing but a chore……………………………….

Have you ever woke up and wanted a new look, and came up blank???


Have you ever woke up and wanted a new look, and came up blank??? This is a PERFECT look for today, BLANK!!! I tried it out at the drive through and it really confuses people. I pride myself on being a morning person and all smiles to people I encounter on the way to work. Today I am numb, I could not be more numb if my shower was in lidocaine with a heavy dose of xylazine. I was digging around in my suitcase (yes, I do not unpack ever now) and decided today is a blank day. I was going to add flare with a “I don’t give a hoot” button but I thought it would compete with the whole look. Plus, putting a button on actually did mean, I took  thought into putting that button on. I spent countless seconds in the mirror working diligently for the unkept hair do I am wearing so proudly. It’s casual Friday baby!!

I talked to my roomie yesterday and she was telling me about an expedition vessel looking for crew, leaving for the Galapagos Islands the end of the month. She sat and spoke with the captain at length and he took her information, and she got his. She has a few different jobs on the table, and told me to email her my resume to send to him. This is where I think the “lidocaine shower and blank look” started. Why am I still here, why am I not packing for the Galapagos?? I basically pay to work here everyday between gas and tolls, I get here to freeze in a concrete cell and listen to jack hammering all morning. Its like the movie Ground Hogs day here, the same thing over, and over, and over……… The “blank look” has added some real color though this morning, I suggest you try it sometime.  I was asked for my time card, and just stared with zero expression and said, “Time card……hummmm, I will have to get back to you on that.” and slowly walked away pretending to read the papers I was carrying. (Too bad they were upside down!!!!!)

Now if you know me, you already know I have OCD tendencies.  For someone to take 30 mins of my time to tell me about my vacation/sick/personal time is ludicrous. I have already had a print out of it, and planned accordingly how to walk away on top. Now does she think I am really that stupid or is she just really that stupid? I have no clue, I wish I brought her my “Captain obvious” pin to wear, oh wait that’s right, I gave them all out at the bar last night. Today, I just stared right at her and said “Wow, thank you for that information (blankly;) )”, and handed her my leave applications already filled out!  When I tell people what I am doing, I get responses like, “Thats so cool!!!”, “I’m jealous!!”, “You’re an IDIOT!!”, and my favorite “WHY???” (complete with a lip curl!!). I don’t think they really understand whats going on behind the scenes or the steps I had to take to get here. You have to be 500% organized, and 500 steps in front of the ball.

On Tuesday, I am having a  pallet of prescription dog food delivered to my parents house for Erma. I also have left them over a years supply of heartworm medication, flea and tick products, and other items that she made need in a year. I have given away 99% of my clothing, I kept one suit. This suit is pressed and ready to be put on, in case something happens to me (like open casket stuff) I don’t want to stress my loved ones. (Note to self: leave matching jewelry in a baggie attached to hanger). I have shuffled more money markets/stocks/401ks and other insurances around like a Vegas black jack dealer, and still have to open another account. I am pretty well versed in Insurance tongue, I think I speak Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Disability Insurance almost fluently. I have changed “personal health” products from, monthly to,  “I don’t have to worry for 5 years now”.  Enough about the boring stuff!!!!

 I have been drowned, sank, tossed into smoke and fire, spent 2 weeks cramming, studying, plotting, gageing, navigating and calibrating. I am ready to go!!!!!!! I think I have covered all bases. I can’t lie, it still blows my mind to think this whole chapter of my life started from me being upside down in a shopping cart, in a puddle , being rescued by him…………………………………………………