Have you ever got a bug in your ear and used a shop vac to suck it out???


Have you ever got a bug in your ear and used a shop vac to suck it out??? DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! I spent most of my day yesterday in the doctor’s office to have my ear looked at. So, Wednesday night was the final move, everything is now in their resting spots until I return. The job of packing and moving material stuff is done, it was 11:30pm and the final push to unload items into dads garage was the very last stop. When I say I was beat, I me I was beat!!! Hot, cranky, tired, and hungry because we had not even eaten dinner yet.  I stopped to talk to dad when it happened, A bug out of NO WHERE flew 100000000 miles an hour into my ear! I am talking this bug never tapped the breaks, he was shifting gears and didn’t even lose speed trying to get through my hair!!! Immediately, I started screaming, the sound of him trying to flap his wings was inside my head, and not in my hair.

A “normal” person probably would have said, “Geee dad, a bug just flew into my ear.”, but as we all know …..I am not that person. I guess if I had a fight or flight instinct against bugs I would flight! I took off running into the house!! Ok its now almost midnight and I go running around my parents house screaming “OMG, GET IT THE  FU%$#^ OUT!!!!”. Dont ask me where I was running too, I was just running period. Maybe perhaps I thought I could out run the bug, who knows. Next thing I know my mother comes running down the stairs,  trying  to save me from “said” bug,  takes a look in my ear and sees nothing.  My dad comes flying in,  looks and also sees nothing, at this point every time I scream this bug kept buzzing. It is the WORST feeling I have yet to experience. Finally, after direction from my mom, dad gets a flash light, tweezers and his glasses and really get a good look into my ear. BINGO!!

This freaking bug was so far down my ear canal all they could see was a tiny corner of his wing.  All of a sudden I belted out “Get the fu$#%#ing vaccum and suck him out!!!!”, bad idea. Dad goes out to his garage and gets the shop vac!!! Thank god at this time my “hero” was still patiently listening to me scream and  run around the house like a banshee. He knew that I hated bugs, but didn’t realize what really was going on till Dickie frantically grabbed the shop vac and said “It’s still in there!!!”.  Before I knew it mom was saying “lay on the floor, secure the ear” , dad had the shop vac stuck to the side of my head, and I hear “DONT your going to blow her ear drum!!”.  Thank god for him. …..my mom then remembered that he had a steady hand, (from when we painted Easter eggs) and turn the tweezers over to him. He was great, he was calm and said “Kate just relax”, (I had his shirt in a death grip), dad had the task of holding my ear open and mom was the flash light holder. After what seemed like hours, he fished the bug from out of my ear like a surgeon. Slowly working it out from just the tiny corner of the wing that he could see, all in one piece.  In fact, the  bug was still alive,  and dad being dad, opened the door and let him go.

I guess from this whole ordeal I learned A LOT of things, and I know I will always carry these lessons with me forever.  1. If a bug ever flies into your inner ear, you go right to the emergency room. The doctors want to see the bug and MUST make sure no wings, legs or antenna are stuck inside. 2. NEVER EVER stick a shop vac to your ear, PERIOD!!! 3. (The most important) Make sure you really know what defines a hero, a hero.  I always thought it would be a guy in spandex with a cape, (In fact, I am pretty sure I saw him in spandex a few times), but just because he wears spandex well does NOT make him a hero, I was wrong. My hero that night was able to stop me from running around wildly, and without using a blow dart,  just his voice. He was not yelling at me for being out of control, he was not looking for his “spot light” or a “prize” for being him, he was just being him, and it was refreshing.

With the hurricane blowing in and a bad ear, I am staying here for the weekend, and will shove off on Monday. My roomie in Florida told me, “Bossie, (short for Boston) storms clean the soul”, I guess I will start my adventure Monday with truly clean soul……………………………..


About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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