Have you ever had car problems and fixed it with a bottle opener???


Have you ever had car problems and fixed it with a bottle opener??? I did this around 4pm today. One of my house mates drove me to the crew agency and the button on her shifter broke and we couldn’t shift the car. I started looking around the car for tools and found a little promotional bottle opener and that’s all I needed. In about two mins I had the entire middle console pulled out and the problem pin pointed. Thank god my parents buy me AAA every year because this could have been a huge issue if I didn’t have it. I also had no idea AAA is nation wide!!! We called a truck and when the driver showed up he was SUPER impressed with what I had done and asked about my “tools”, I was so proud to open my hand and show him my little bottle opener. Yay girl power!!!!!

That past few days have kind of run into each other to say the least. I was given a golden opportunity last night,  to have dinner with two sommeliers that were leaving for Napa this morning. We drank and ate so many fine/exotic foods, and wine in one sitting that I bet most do not get to experience in a life time. Even if I have only done day work for one day since I arrived, I am so rich in life experiences and this whole crazy journey has been worth it. I have had the most crazy invites to remote places on earth to travel on holiday as a friend. I can honestly say that no matter where I travel in the world now, I most likely know someone who would open their house to me and be delighted to show me around their country. It’s literaly such a small close-knit industry that we all consider each other family and treat each other as siblings.

Funny thing about siblings, I can meet a stranger for a week and they are closer than my own blood sister. I am not sure if it’s just the life style of living so closely and working and playing together. Or perhaps, it’s the fact that most of the individuals down here have traveled the world over and understand and respect the loyalty and respect of a good person. None the less, it’s a funny feeling to have new family down here being so sad at the thought that I will be leaving and they wanting to cover all bases of staying in touch, vs someone who can not make time in their ever so busy life. I think I am going to need a good long time to take a step back and really think about that one. (like a year of two) Funny what you see when you take a step back…………………………………………..







About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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