Have you ever been back by popular demand???


Have you ever been back by popular demand??? Well……there is a first for everything, and last night/this morning was my first!!! I guess I set off to “find myself”, but I never thought I would see everyone’s everything  as well. I worked at a private estate as a bar tender at their full size outside bar over looking the infinity pool and the inner coastal. It was a picture perfect day. I went to work in my khaki shorts and white polo, this is the standard for work down here. When I arrived my uniform was waiting for me……………tiny boy shorts and a tube top!!!! Thank god I took the time to shave while I was in the shower, not only were they tiny, they were white!!! They had to cut the tag out of the shorts that’s how see through they were.

There I was, standing in the center of a bar that had 50 bar stools all the way around, and the most gorgeous  grounds I have ever been on in my life. This is probably the reason why this “adult” company paid to do their 2012 Calender shoot there. I honestly could careless about my uniform because as soon as I stepped into “my office” it was full steam ahead. I didn’t stop from 11am till 10 pm, at 10pm I was told I could go get dressed and just enjoy the party. I was soooo excited, I ran into the mansion and threw on my dress I packed. To be honest I was very surprised what happened next……… The people I had been serving all day wanted me to come back and make their drinks!!!!! There were now two other girls working the late night shift but the guests loved the way I made their drinks.  I knew what they were going to order before they even had to ask for it and there was always a fresh cocktail  MAGICALLY sitting in front of them. I lost count of the popular drinks at……. 13 bottles of Grey Goose, 4 bottles of Bom Bay Gin, 3 HUGE bottles of Jack, 27 bottles of Champagne, and 17 blenders worth of chocolate  mudslides garnished with a sugar-free chocolate heart and a HUGE strawberry.

I ended up staying and working in my black dress, and lets just say the guests thought it was just a part of all the ever-changing wardrobe changes going on. I was able to slip away and stock all 3 bars. I went to the 3rd floor to stock the bar in the “club” and I could not stop laughing. So I followed this CRAZY staircase up to the 3rd floor,(A HUGE saltwater aquarium wall ran up the side of it, perhaps this is why I DIDNT pay attention……. 1st mistake!!!!!)  this staircase has been roped off with red velvet ropes all day, this was my chance to see a few other floors of this crazy house.  After watching all the exotic salt water fish, all the way up, I was greeted by a wall of the most luxurious fabric curtains and I pushed my way inside. Now, thank god no one was in the club at the time because I was not graceful on getting inside this fabric hideout. I can only imagine what my entrance looked like from the inside.

Once I managed to get the curtains unstuck from my ponytail it was pure heaven up there!!!! I could not make it obvious that I was drooling because this house had cameras EVERYWHERE, from the garage (Only 4 car garage I have ever been in that was complete with marble floors, just to fill you in on the quality) So long story short, I did my task of restocking the bar and making sure all the bar stools were arranged correctly and picking up any empties that may have been left behind. Easy right???? I COULD NOT find the opening that I came in from to get out!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine the laugh they will get when looking over that footage!!! The thought of yelling for help did cross my mind, but I knew no one would hear me since the music was so loud and everyone was out by the pool. I must have looked like an idiot!!!! (I think I would pay a pretty penny to have that video just to laugh myself)

I finished up and managed to pry myself free from the guests/and fabric walls and called a cab. It was the most crazy 14 hours I have ever worked, but by far the best!!!! As I sat and waited for my cab I soaked in the beauty of the ultra stretch limos, Hummers, Ferraris, Porsches, Mercedes, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and one Lamborghini. It was clearly a night to remember. I know that the owners LOVED me, and I keep my fingers crossed they ask me back, or even ask me to work on their yacht. I guess when I talk to their personal assistant later today I will learn more…………………………





About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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