Have you ever kicked your own ass???


Have you ever kicked your own ass??? This is the BEST exercise you can do!!! If you stand up, and kick you foot up toward your ass, you should be able to kick it. My roomies dad is a doctor, and she showed me how to do this exercise, and now I can not stop doing it. At first, I was kind of laughing at her, and thought I could do that, but after a few tries I did realize I could not do it as well as I thought I could.  Doing this exercise makes blood flow to your legs and butt, it also promotes flexibility.I think everyone, every morning, should get out of bed and give themselves a few swift kicks in the ass, as a reminder that you need to stay fit.  I am on this just wanting to get back in shape kick, my weight has not changed but I feel a bit on the puffy side.

Last night we walked to the gym, I defiantly took out a lot of frustration listening to my techno. I just got on that machine and ran like Forest Gump, I swear once I started I could not get enough of the feeling of muscles burning and my mind wandering.  Then we decided to  walked 5 miles to the beach and back.  When we were crossing the 17th street bridge on the way back it was going up, so Hill and I stood there kicking our own asses. It was fantastic, there is something to be said for pushing yourself beyond your physical limits in 100 degrees. I never enjoy the feeling of being soaked in my own sweat.

I stood there kicking myself watching all the boats slowly trickle through the water with all their pretty lights on, music that danced along the surface and the smell of expensive food from the restaurants along the shore. The clouds looked like they were hung for a school play along with the planes taking off from the airport. I swear they all almost seemed to be flying through the air on fishing line, like a play. The stars were out playing on their black background, and twinkling, like little lost diamonds on black satin sheets. That will be me tomorrow, flying through the air, watching my new home float by out my window, and landing on a black background in Boston, minus the diamonds………



About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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