Have you ever carried the weight of another???


Have you ever carried the weight of another??? Just sit, relax focus on NOTHING, let your body melt into what ever surface you are sitting upon, and let your mind fly free. Do you feel like you can not, is  it caged in by small bars of emotion that are attached to others? I know we all like to “pretend” that we are strong, but how strong are those emotional chains, looped around the ankles of your mind, keeping it from flight? I bet those “invisible chains” are stronger than the gravity holding us to this earth.

I love people who sit perched upon a “silver spoon” or “cushy” place in life and swoop their heads down to give a ” birds- eye view” of what life looks like from their crows nests; or better yet, what they think life looks like through their looking-glass. It’s easy to say “I live my life and travel freely, and very happy.” but it’s really not as easy to do that.  I guess those wise old owls who stay safely feathered in their nest and criticise the world around them don’t get the big picture. Yes, they may have a great view of their surroundings, but I think those  owls forget that life is bigger then their surroundings.

Why do we let these invisible chains of bleak emotional experiences hold down our soaring minds?? Do we ever give our own minds credit for the ideas that they come up with?? Do you ever just let go and let your mind take over and let go of all the negative, beat down, emotional baggage. Can we ever stop and just chuck more and more emotional baggage out our ears? Is there a huge  emotional baggage and memory dumping ground somewhere? Like a big pit, where old love ones wonder though the mounds of tossed love notes, dead flowers and the ” token” stolen sweat shirts once loved? Does it look like the Thriller video only in vibrant colors…….where does it all go!!!!???

I guess we can not worry about that, everything gets recycled these days. I could go to the ” lost and found of memories/ AKA DUMP” to reclaim something, and I think I could see my ex’s new girlfriend fishing out my old memories and dusting them off and using them. I guess life is funny like that, I think we should only carry the weight of the things we want to and need. It’s not our jobs to carry the baggage from others that we didn’t perform, act, turn out they way they visioned. I think when people do that, we should hand that trash bag right back. Let them carry the trash and the weight, if it wasnt your fault, LET IT GO!!!

I think I will add B.Y.O.B. to my marriage contract, BRING YOUR OWN BAGS, I don’t wanna be responsible for them.  Nor do I ever want to have to carry that shit for something they thought up and it never came to life. Maybe this is something that comes with age or wisdom, but I am really liking this “live without, regrets, baggage, fear, or boundaries” rule. I think people need to give their minds, hearts and souls more credit then we give them. We get all caught up in so much red tape we  look like red burritos rolling back and forth trying to break free, only to add another imaginary layer of red tape. I think its pretty crazy if you ask me.

I guess when someone hands you a pound of could have, would have, wish I did’s, you should treat it like the airport, don’t carry other people’s bags!!! Done!!! With that being said, I was sitting here typing away and I itched my head……….thanks alot for sending me off with a clump of candy balls stuck in my hair!!! I must have looked like a chimp!!!!  I scratched and candy and crumbs fall out of my hair………I knew you threw some but really?!?!? That was like the whole damn munchkin!!!!!

Well, here I go again, back home to the sun, warm weather, palm tress and warm ocean. The only thing I will be missing is my munchkins…….. 🙂



About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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