Have you ever had a sound set the mood for the rest of your day???


Have you ever had a sound set the mood for the rest of your day??? Awww, been so busy the past few days, working my ass off getting the boat ready for the show. I have ironed sheets prior to being put on the bed, and ironing them again once I put them on. I have walked backwards off the master bed while  cleaning the mirror ceiling.  I have cleaned toilets with a toothbrush and my favorite alphabetized the spice cabinet in the galley. Since I am a clean freak this type of cleaning has pushed me to a whole new level of cleaning. The carpets were freshly shampooed and the marble buffed to the highest level of shine. Once you are working in the interior you have to wear tiny white socks in order to guarantee the white carpets stay white, well note to self …..moving from the carpet onto the polished marble equals slipping and sliding like you’re on a sheet of ice. THERE IS NOT STOPPING IF YOUR RUNNING!!!!

I really enjoyed this crew I was working with, we all seemed to work so well, minus one girl who moved like turtle. By the end of the day I would say things like, “Are you going to stand there or are you going to put away all this stuff you pulled out, we need to get moving!” to her, she literally would stand and talk for hours but when she would talk she stopped working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I hear your crap story for the 100000 time,  but damn lady move your arms and work as much as you move your mouth. I guess I have been a bit on the crabby side, I work like a dog for long hours,  have to walk 3 miles home, and when I get home its right back into a bowl of potpourri.  I have to jockey for a spot on the couch, a line for the bathroom and take a number to cook in the kitchen. Living like this has truly made me appreciate the size and beauty of a home. When you’re on a boat you have your cabin shared with someone else, however the two of you share a head.

Last night it was around 9pm and everyone was shuffling in from their work day, we all gathered out on the front t porch to share a bottle of wine, and chat about the days happenings.  It was lovely, beautiful weather and to bed at a decent time, this was brilliant! I brushed my teeth crawled into my micro bed and actually slipped into the deepest sleep until……… the hard-wired smoke alarm in my bedroom started going off randomly and for no reason. You try falling asleep and getting woke by such an awful sound out of no where…… I had no clue where I was, why it was pitch dark or what the hell was going on. I actually thought for a second I was on a sinking boat and ran out my bedroom door.  In my “freaking out” trying to figure out what really was going on, I forgot to put on pants and bust into the other bedroom.  I realized once I bust through their door the only alarm going off was in my room (Figures!!!!!)  and once I opened the door I let the true screams of it follow me in, waking them to the sound of an alarm and me with no pants in the middle of  their room……….probabaly not the best thing…………

All of us up at 2 am trying to silence an alarm  (that had now made as all deaf!!!!!), ended with us having to shut down the power from the circuit breaker and also ment no more A.C. in the house. boiling in more ways than one, no one slept well and the temp in the house is hotter than hell, we are all kind of on the bitchy side. The” Mr. Fix-it ” just came to solve the problem and as he was leaving he said “No problem… it good.. I fix” all I could say back was “Big problem if it happen again, I see you at 2 am when it goes off, comprendae!”  I need to move beyond this and get myself geared up for the boat show, I think a quick cold shower (since I am last in line) will make me feel better and wash away all the bad mood, I hope………………………………………..




About 365daystofindme

I am giving myself 365 days to find me, and figure out some of my life questions. I am leaving for an adventure of a life time and will blog everyday to share it with my readers. Please feel free to add your own comments or thoughts, I LOVE to laugh too!!! Thank you for taking a moment to read them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Cheers!!

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