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Have you ever seen a lost forest, filled with rootless trees???


Have you ever seen a lost forest, filled with rootless trees???  Humm, I never thought I did either till I took some serious “me time”, and sat and thought about all that’s going on in my life at the moment.  I have been read just about every line in the book, I am serious, I think I could publish about 50 volumes of all time bull shit lines! (Could be my next years task!l) But the crazy part is, it’s not the lines in the book that are being read to you, it’s the person narrating the lines too you! I guess we need to go back to our childhood to really grasp this concept. If you were being read a book by a great story-teller you would be captivated for hours……now if that same book was read to you by someone who never changed their pitch and was flat you would walk away….right?!?! Pull up some carpet here folks, we may have stumbled across a great new concept, Head game story tellers for adults!!!!!

So in my experience, I have been read some really great lines……and I bought them, damn those story tellers. (Lets say the ones who are over dramatic are easier to buy into!) Roots! (No, not rats…..that’s the teller not the story.) I bought the whole “roots” story, hook line and sinker sorry to say. Everyday, everywhere we are all faced with our daily challenges, some may be mountains to one person and a mole hill to others. No matter what those ” mounds” to climb (Or step over.) are unique and ours, from person to person. I also think that little snippet of information is important when looking into getting a new story-teller, or at least buying some lines from someone who feels the need to share them with you. Roots, what are they? Well to be honest, the last line I bought was the, “Kate, you have NO ROOTS, you need roots!! Stop moving so damn fast and settle down and get roots!!!”.  O.K. me being me, after my purchasing that line, I thought it implied, settle down (stay in one place for an extended period of time) get a mortgage, belly flop right into the American Dream! WRONG!!!

I have had the wrong definition of “roots” in my head since I purchased this bogus line!!! There are so many other small fires smouldering in my life at the moment, some I care to tend to and some I know (or at least hope) with end up smothering themselves out. “Roots” is not a stationary thing, it’s not something that cements you into one spot forever…..roots are the tiny finger like vines that hold the tree up straight, tall, and nobel. I have been very blessed in my life to have some really thick roots!! My roots would never let me fall in the wind, or crack with the weight of another, I DO HAVE ROOTS! I know for a fact the people and relationships I have that make up my ” root system” would never want me to be forced to be in one spot if that’s not what I wanted!!! My roots would tell me no matter where I am they will always help hold be up, be my base support when I need it, help me thrive in a time of starvation…….. that’s what true roots do! Roots can hear the wind whispering through my branches, as I brave another journey, and they drink it up, just happy to be there to enjoy another verse. Roots are truly selfless individuals who believe in all you are and support your growth no matter what the environment.

Roots, there are some thick sections that go on for miles, and then there are small straggly looking, ratty things that go for a foot then die off, those represent relationships in our lives. Dont get me wrong, I do think those small ratty things hold water, but that’s about it, like sandbags.  The people we envelop ourselves with become roots, if you think you can stand tall or thrive in an unhealthy environment without your roots, GOOD LUCK! I have had the misfortune of seeing a lot of trees chopping off their own roots, thinking they were big enough/ strong enough to weather any storm or environment on their own, bad mistake, once they are cut it takes a LONG time to grow back if ever. I think the trimming of roots is a good thing but lopping them all off is never a good sign. I also believe that the rings of a tree tell the story of what it has weathered (Kind or mean), the sap that it seeps tells the personality (Bitter or sweet) , and the color it bears is selflessness (Self loathing or self less).  I know now, that I want to only be surrounded by tress that “grow” the same, that if any of my roots or fellow trees were cut we would all weep, and have many rings to our circles……………………………….


Have you ever taken a phone call in your sleep, on Austin Powers phone???


Have you ever taken a phone call in your sleep, on Austin Powers phone???  Over the weekend I went on a road trip to Maryland with an old friend of mine. I had a rather large interview Friday morning with a company that I would KILL to work for and things went GREAT! After my interview I drove to Rhode Island and off we went to Maryland …… it was very interesting to say the least. When I flew back to Boston from Florida, I had only intended to stay for a visit, and be off again back to sunny skies and blue waters after Thanksgiving. Well…… here it is December and I am still here, people ask “What happened to Florida??”, Florida is still where I left it folks, sticking off the country like a finger stirring the warm waters, just waiting for me. (Perhaps I should buy everyone world map shower curtains like mine?) I decided to stick around and see what this pharmaceutical company had to offer, it seems like a DREAM pinch me, because I must be dreaming, this is a reason I would stay! Traveling the world, meeting new people, making big bucks and in a career that is my passion…..yeah it must be a dream!!!

So, on Sunday night my friend and I thought it would be a GRAND idea to drive home from Maryland, there we were pulling out onto the highway at midnight, as I look up I see 4 sets of headlights coming head on……yeah……she pulled onto the wrong side of the highway! After living a skit right out of Tommy Boy I took the wheel, and we were off with no sleep, food or shower in 24 hours my arrival home was exhausting to say the least. The only 2 cents I can give to anyone on this subject is, even if it seems like a great idea, ITS NOT!!!! I tried to catch up on as much sleep as possible but had another interview this morning and that really cut into my beauty rest. Ahhhhhhh, the house to myself the fireplace crackling away, me snuggled on the couch watching movies, sleep slowing settling over me like a dense fog (Like I drove all the way home in the other night, also a note to self when driving up the coast at night. I could not see 20 feet in front of the car the whole way home!!!) …….and that’s when it happened. During my eight-hour ride on Friday I downloaded all new ringtones, I changed my ringtone to Austin Powers ringtone, I had it before and I really enjoyed it. As I was sleeping deeply (o.k., slipped into a coma!)  Austin Powers was on T.V., my phone started ringing, only I thought I was dreaming, and agreed to meet a company for an interview next Tuesday!!! I guess the saving grace to that experience is that I didn’t answer the phone saying “Yes Basel, this is Ivana Humpalot”!

This is fantastic, I can not believe that in this time frame home, I have now had 6 companies calling me to interview. I am in the position to pick and choose who and what company I want, and what ever little shiny benefits comes along with them………only thing now, I have NO CLUE what company that was I agreed to meet with this time!!! Yes, I love yachting, sun, traveling, and meeting new people, but why would I pass up a job in Veterinary medicine (my #1 passion), when I can have the best of both worlds?? I guess Florida and the sea will always be there, like I keep telling everyone, but will a job like this still be here if I decided to leave again? I feel as though both industries are neck and neck on my passion scale the only thing pushing the Veterinary industry out in the lead is these jobs come with extras, extras that will come in handy in the long run. I am a planner, and the thought of my 401k getting fatter and fatter is a great vision, it’s not everything, but I have to say no yacht comes with a 401k package!

I feel like I am reading one of those books from my childhood, where when you get to the bottom of the page you can choose your own adventure, turn to page 56 for this adventure and 23 for that adventure. I have made it to the bottom of the page and need to pick what page I want to turn to next, funny for the fist time in 32 years I feel for once I am the CEO of me, and I make my own decisions. I know what offer I need to have to stay, and if that offer is not in the cards for me then I make my way back to the islands……. I really can’t say either page is a bad page to turn to right now. For someone who came for a quick visit and not working, I am finding myself extremely busy, my next task is try to figure out who the hell I am meeting next Tuesday………………………..