Have you ever had a sound set the mood for the rest of your day???


Have you ever had a sound set the mood for the rest of your day??? Awww, been so busy the past few days, working my ass off getting the boat ready for the show. I have ironed sheets prior to being put on the bed, and ironing them again once I put them on. I have walked backwards off the master bed while  cleaning the mirror ceiling.  I have cleaned toilets with a toothbrush and my favorite alphabetized the spice cabinet in the galley. Since I am a clean freak this type of cleaning has pushed me to a whole new level of cleaning. The carpets were freshly shampooed and the marble buffed to the highest level of shine. Once you are working in the interior you have to wear tiny white socks in order to guarantee the white carpets stay white, well note to self …..moving from the carpet onto the polished marble equals slipping and sliding like you’re on a sheet of ice. THERE IS NOT STOPPING IF YOUR RUNNING!!!!

I really enjoyed this crew I was working with, we all seemed to work so well, minus one girl who moved like turtle. By the end of the day I would say things like, “Are you going to stand there or are you going to put away all this stuff you pulled out, we need to get moving!” to her, she literally would stand and talk for hours but when she would talk she stopped working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I hear your crap story for the 100000 time,  but damn lady move your arms and work as much as you move your mouth. I guess I have been a bit on the crabby side, I work like a dog for long hours,  have to walk 3 miles home, and when I get home its right back into a bowl of potpourri.  I have to jockey for a spot on the couch, a line for the bathroom and take a number to cook in the kitchen. Living like this has truly made me appreciate the size and beauty of a home. When you’re on a boat you have your cabin shared with someone else, however the two of you share a head.

Last night it was around 9pm and everyone was shuffling in from their work day, we all gathered out on the front t porch to share a bottle of wine, and chat about the days happenings.  It was lovely, beautiful weather and to bed at a decent time, this was brilliant! I brushed my teeth crawled into my micro bed and actually slipped into the deepest sleep until……… the hard-wired smoke alarm in my bedroom started going off randomly and for no reason. You try falling asleep and getting woke by such an awful sound out of no where…… I had no clue where I was, why it was pitch dark or what the hell was going on. I actually thought for a second I was on a sinking boat and ran out my bedroom door.  In my “freaking out” trying to figure out what really was going on, I forgot to put on pants and bust into the other bedroom.  I realized once I bust through their door the only alarm going off was in my room (Figures!!!!!)  and once I opened the door I let the true screams of it follow me in, waking them to the sound of an alarm and me with no pants in the middle of  their room……….probabaly not the best thing…………

All of us up at 2 am trying to silence an alarm  (that had now made as all deaf!!!!!), ended with us having to shut down the power from the circuit breaker and also ment no more A.C. in the house. boiling in more ways than one, no one slept well and the temp in the house is hotter than hell, we are all kind of on the bitchy side. The” Mr. Fix-it ” just came to solve the problem and as he was leaving he said “No problem… it good.. I fix” all I could say back was “Big problem if it happen again, I see you at 2 am when it goes off, comprendae!”  I need to move beyond this and get myself geared up for the boat show, I think a quick cold shower (since I am last in line) will make me feel better and wash away all the bad mood, I hope………………………………………..




Have you ever dug for a buried treasure???


Have you ever dug for a buried treasure??? My roomie and I decided to walk to the beach and enjoy some LONG AWAITED sun. It has rained and rained and rained for so long now that we are all going crazy!! Off we went at 9 am, a nice 3 mile walk to the beach. We saw all the mega tents that have now been set up for the boat show, all the boats have been shuffling around, being set up ” just right” to fit all of them in. It was so refreshing to get out and feel the sun on our faces, and just see what has been going on in the prep for the show. Some people think this whole thing that I am doing is a “Vacation”, however they are completely wrong, it’s very much the opposite.  Try sitting around in the rain for 5 days straight with out a car or something to do, we all were going bananas, 6 people in one house for 5 days …….. not pretty.

We got to the beach and set up shop, my roomie was very happy to lay on her towel and read, I …………..well if you don’t  know me, I am like taking a spider monkey out, after being pent-up for so long!!! I laid out my way over sized bright yellow blanket with  martinis printed all over it. I swear the people flying into the airport can see my blanket from the sky, this is great for me because I really don’t lay on it, I use it as a way to find my way back to where I was sitting. Off I went, I must have only walked about 100 yards from our site, its nice to feel the warm water wash over your feet and legs (note to self, don’t shave the morning of a beach trip, it stung my legs), I was just day dreaming of what I will do next when I just happened to look down. The sun was so bright and I left my sunnies on my blanket, I just reached down and plucked this shiny thing off my foot. At first I thought it was just a piece of trash, I gave it a quick glance and was ready to launch it back into the sea until I noticed just what it was…………it was a tiny gold bracelet from a child.

I walked back to the blanket where my roomie was still reading and  soaking up the sun, I showed her my “find”, she said it was a sign and that I should save it for my child, she rolled back over and kept reading.  Taking me to the beach after a pot of coffee is probably not a great idea, with her just reading and not wanting to do anything, I started to entertain myself.  I was in the water, out of the water, falling in the water, walking to the Bubba Gump shop, going to get beach pizza, back on my blanket, back in the water, digging a hole to china, making sand castles and back in the water again. She has a sun burn up her back side, I have no color……I think I moved to fast for the sun to even hit me! I think she was getting irritated because I kept moving my blanket and getting sand everywhere……welcome to Kate at the beach. At one point she asked if I was digging for a buried treasure because I had dug a GIANT trench around our site.  I don’t think I need to dig, I already found my treasure, sometimes you just need to open your eye up and you will see a treasure right in front of you!!!!!!!!!!!

We are off to a big kick off party in a few, (for the boat show) and I cant wait to see what kind of new contacts I make. I have so many things on my plate right now, and looking for a sign to what path I should take, or what one will be best for me. I am working Monday and Tuesday on the boat that I was on last weekend, and looking forward to seeing the crew again, they are like an extended family. Who knows where I will be in a week, everyday changes, perhaps I need to enjoy my treasure…………………….



Have you ever dreamed in color???


Have you ever dreamed in color??? What do our dreams really mean??? I am serious, why do we do it and what the hell do they really mean?? I had a dream of a horse eating my hair brush the other night; really come on people, does that mean there is a horse needing to be brushed by me somewhere? I strongly doubt it, maybe it means I need a new tooth-brush, or maybe I need to tame my wild hair! This is a strange thing, I have these two “visions” (not dreams, they visit while I am awake) that haunt me, they come out of no where and flow through my mind like a feather on the wind. There is no method to their madness and they strike at any given time, it’s really odd. Both these visions are in old school movie quality in my head, and strangely enough they have sound!!! The even FREAKER part is one is from my past and one is from my future (I think).

It’s almost like a deja vu feeling, however I lived one of these “visions”, and remember so clearly the moment, but the picture is from a third person point of view and only from the knee down.  Its like someone was video taping with bad quality old school video and put the camera down and only captured the moment from our knees down. I can see everything from” that moment” and “moment to come”, down to the small white moth being kicked up from the grass from us running through the tall grass. I can see the sun trying to break through the clouds, and the sky being a casket grey haze. I can smell the air, so fresh and sweet, I can feel the warmth of the atmosphere and how it held my body. Why does our mind store such strange and useless information in such high-definition and quality. I have a hard time remembering what the hell I ate for breakfast, or even what day it is, why does my mind get cluttered with odd things of this nature.

Here I am, living in South Florida up at almost 2AM trying to figure out this question that I have carried with me for over 25 years now(I was like 6 in the first one). I wonder if the one that I have not lived, but still vision will ever happen, I see it in fine quality but just can’t put my finger on it. I do know that neither of them happened here, I see tress that have leaves, or that had leaves and they started to turn and fall for the winter. The funny part is when I dream it’s usually about” crap” topics like horses eating brushes, walking to work naked, snow caps the candy, and eating my way out of castles made of candy. I wonder if I should just seek out those damn snow caps and candy bricks, and have a feast as I walk a horse naked while brushing my hair????

Have you ever said I am in, but not sure for what???


Have you ever said I am in, but not sure for what??? Friday I was working on the computer when I got this random text about working the weekend, all I said was I am in. I had no clue for what exactly, but to be honest it didn’t really seem like anyone knew exactly what was going on. The texts were flowing, be here at this time bring xyz then the phone calls, yeah we decided we didn’t need anyone, then as I am out to dinner the phone call came, be at the boat at 6:45am Saturday morning. Fine I am in just give me the green light!!! Friday night it was tough to sleep because I really had NO CLUE what I had signed up for.

Saturday morning under they the dark sky, I approached this massive boat and meet the crew getting ready for the day. I meet with the head Stew and we started talking, still at  this point no one knew what the deal was. Out of no where the engines started and the dock slipped away out of view from the port-hole and we were off, I guess there is no turning back now!! We scurried about getting the boat prepared to get under way, the other new girl smashed 2 fine crystal items, took so many sea sickness pills they looked like skittles, and fell into the floor to ceiling painting in the main hall, and almost tore the canvas and we were underway.  Great this is going to be an interesting day.

I made my way up to the fly bridge where I was able to watch the rays of the morning  sun being born through the clouds, I could see the dolphins playing in the blue waters that lay before us, and just breathed deep. The air was fresh, the breeze was light and laid small salty kisses on my face as we cut through the water. We were heading down to Fisher Island to do a private boat show for the residents and invited guests only. After about an hour and a half  we pulled into our slip at this island.

It was AMAZING, from the luxury cars lined up on display, the baby grand piano under the tent, the peacocks walking freely, and the millions of dollars in diamond watches the brought on board to set up for display.  I have never experienced anything like this, the security guards doing a sweep of the boat for the best place to set up and display 6 million dollars in diamonds, the yacht brokers setting up shop on the aft deck and the champagne bar being assembled at the main bar in the salon. I never in a million years thought this was what I would be doing, I took a quick shower and steamed my uniform and I was off.

I was up to my eye balls in fine wines, chocolates, jewels, and clients looking to purchase a new boat. When people talk about money and what things cost it is amazing to see just how much money goes to “fluff” items. We worked this show from 5pm till about 11pm, we were all going non stop, at one point there was a line about 30 people deep just to board our boat!!!!!! By the time the clock struck midnight I was just finishing washing the wine glasses, ( That I later found out were 500 bucks each, glad I didn’t know that when I was washing them, it would have made me far to nervous!!!) I was asked to stay on board with the crew but felt the need to escape the other new girl who turned out to be an albatross stuck in my ass.  She said she was staying so I said I was leaving, once she heard that she then wanted to leave as well. I was rather disappointed,  I wanted the opportunity to celebrate the success of this event with my crew but they all knew and understood that I was trying to get away from her.

I grabbed my bag and we drove onto the ferry,  back to Miami we went, by the time I got home it was after 2am (On Sunday morning) I was still humming from the adernaline of the evening, so sleep was hard to come by. I wish I was able to put the entire weekend into words but I can only come up with a few…… driving golf carts way to fast, peacocks strutting their stuff, old old men with very young women(who were a night mere to clean up after in the heads),  and great laughs with the crew.  I am  defiantly looking forward to more adventures…………………………